All JCB services, programs and classes, with the exception of High Holidays, are held at 11 Temple Lane in Oyster Bay. The JCB and Oyster Bay Jewish Center are merging and will soon become one congregation.  

The Jewish Congregation of Brookville is a vibrant synagogue on Long Island’s North Shore. JCB was formed in 1997 by a small group of families determined to establish a spiritual center where families can gather together to pray and learn, celebrate Shabbat and holidays and mark the rhythms of their lives. In a few short years a warm, intimate community committed to rekindling the joy of Jewish living and to rediscovering the teachings of Torah was created.

The Jewish Congregation of Brookville is a Reform congregation, which strives to instill the beauty and wonder of the Jewish tradition in the hearts of modern Jews. One of the hallmarks of our synagogue is our commitment to creative expressions of the Jewish tradition, combining ancient teachings with modern values. At the Jewish Congregation of Brookville, we strive towards prayer that is inspiring and participatory, thoughtful and meaningful, and of course filled with music and song.

We invite you to join our community and welcome you to become part of something new, yet connected to the Jewish traditions of old.

Our congregation meets for Shabbat/Holiday services as well as holding Hebrew School classes at 11 Temple Lane and CW Post Hillwood Commons (720 Northern Blvd, Brookville) for High Holidays. We continue to meet at a variety of locations for b'nai mitzvah.

Welcome to our congregation’s website.  There are many features, including the blog, podcasts, High Holiday sermons and an online donation form.